Welcome to Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning and the sun is shinning – what could be better…

I sit here, at my desk, and contemplate how I would like to use this Blog… I have a website for my novels (www.greggumkowski.com) and I blog about my writing at Authors Den. So, what I would like to do, is use this forum to share my inner thoughts. I recent published a collection of short stories titled, A Piece of My Heart. I guess if I wanted to pick a theme for my blogs, it would have to be – sharing A Piece of my Heart.

As I drove into work today, I thought about turning 54, which will happen this year. My mother died at 54. She worked hard all her life and when she finally reached a point were she could really start to enjoy the fruits of her labors, she died from cancer.

I, myself, have had my own cancer scare. When I turned 40, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. As I like to joke, “I lost one of my wheels” in the process, but I have been cancer free since then.

So, back to this morning… I realized that I have been very fortunate so far in life. I have a nice home, a wonderful family; my eldest recently got married, my middle guy is working and going to school, and my baby, who is in her first year at college, will probably be President one day. With all that going right, isn’t time to start enjoying life? I realized that I spend way too much time worrying and not enough time look for ways to just relax and enjoy life.

I’m going to start doing more of that.


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